About Amatsu Orthopathy

The different levels of Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy work with different systems of the body to achieve and maintain Aligment and Wellbeing. 

Anma—  Restores balance and natural movement to the musculoskeletal system and flow of energy meridians of the body.

Seitai— Re-Balances the ligamentous system for joint stability and whole body Alignment.

Shinden—   Restores natural mobility to the Organs/Visceral of the body.

Kenku— Regain natural rhythm and flow of the CranioSacral system and    Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for whole body wellness.  

Biotensegrity and the Body 

The science of Biotensegrity shows us how the Body moves as one whole unit. When one part is affected through strain or injury the whole body is compromised. By learning to treat the whole body and all of its systems together we can restore, and maintain structural alignment and well-being.

Whole Body Alignment  

Unlike many other therapies which focus their treatment on the symptoms, our unique low level invasive approach assesses the alignment of the whole body, finding the underlying structural faults which give rise to the symptoms of many painful disorders, and re-occurrence of injury....  

Dr Hatsumi 

"During my 32 year study of Budo principles within a 15 year period Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi (PhD) showed me how to apply his Natural Movement Principles into my Therapeutic interventions which became Amatsu Orthopathy. 
He said to understand to move tissue and joints in this way you had to understand 'The Feeling'....." 

Techniques of Amatsu Orthopathy  

On your journey of learning Amatsu Orthopathy, we show you how to re-align joints, re-balance soft tissues, mobilise organs and restore the rhythm of the cranio sacral system by applying this feeling to various 'kyushu' points or 'points of vulnerability and change' on the body.....  

Restore your true Nature 

During a therapy, known as a 'Balance' these techniques are applied to the body to help to restore and maintain alignment of the whole body, help maintain organ wellness, prevent against joint wear and tear and many other injuries, restore the flow of the vital energy centres of the body, and give a person back their Natural movement capabilities....
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