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 Our Students come from a range of age groups, professional and personal backgrounds and from all over the world......

Richard Stinton ~ Radiographer

"Two hip operations and still in pain I was willing to try anything! A friend
recommended Amatsu so I decided to give it a go, I felt I had nothing to
lose, i had already spent a fortune on Chiropractors, Sports Therapists and
Acupuncture but had experienced no improvement. In fact, even just the
exercises I had been advised to do religiously by NHS therapists did nothing
but exacerbate my symptoms.

My recovery with Amatsu was a turning point which has resulted in me being
pain free for approximately 5 years now. Furthermore my overall wellbeing is
staggeringly different. Prior to my treatment I felt old before my time, I
wasn't able to run around or kick a ball with my kids and spent hours on end
rolling around on a tennis ball in an attempt to get any kind of relief from
sciatic symptoms. The therapy has globally helped in a multitude of ways
including, eliminated my gastric reflux and other digestive dysfunction,
prevented the need for wrist nerve impingement surgery and overall has
dramatically improved my mental wellbeing.  

The benefits I gained from Amatsu simply blew me away. This gave me great
admiration for the therapy and the mystique around the kinesiology testing
and to me the 'listening skills' of the therapists can only be defined as
Jedi powers!! So when the opportunity arose to enrol on the course to train
to become an Amatsu therapist I was delighted. With the support of my family
and friends I commenced the course and became a member of the 'Amatsu

The course was delivered in a relaxed and friendly environment by Dennis in
such a way the course content is easily understood and absorbed. He has an
amazing ability to demonstrate and project the almost unexplainable
'art-form' technique behind Amatsu. I vividly remember speaking to Dennis
and Gill about the course content prior to enrolling and being from a
university trained medical background as a Diagnostic Radiographer, I
couldn't comprehend how they would be able to deliver such detailed
anatomical and physiological understanding in such a short period of time.
Yet everyone on the course even those from non-medical backgrounds have
excelled under their guidance and teaching. 

For me the learning experience has been a rollercoaster due to my lack of
self confidence but the encouragement and support I received has got me to
where I am today. Dennis and Gill taught me to believe in my own abilities
and skills and as a result my life has completed changed. Through 'word of
mouth' referrals I have quickly built up a significant client base and run a
busy clinic which has enabled me to become self employed. This was a
significant leap of faith, especially walking away from such a secure and
stable NHS profession. However, I can honestly say despite the amount of
effort, hard work and the amount of emotional energy consumed along the way,
it has been well worth it. The role of an Amatsu therapist can at times be
very mentally and physically demanding but seeing the benefits my clients
are experiencing from the treatment they receive is unbelievably rewarding. 
I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Dennis,
Gill, Chris and James for their help and guidance and also a very heart felt
appreciation to my family (especially my wife) for their faultless support
over the last few years."

John Williams ~ Seitai Practitioner

"When I was 29 I prolapsed my L3/4 disc and proceeded to seek chiropractic adjustment. I followed this route until the age of 36, up to which time I suffered continuous sciatic pain down my left leg that was alleviated to some degree via the chiropractors adjustments but never cleared. At 36 the adjustments stopped working altogether which was more than a little worrying, I genuinely had concerns about my future physical “being”. I contacted Chris Bartram after my mother told me about him, “soft tissue therapy, what a load of tosh!” was my first reaction, but I was desperate and Chris was willing to treat me.
I remember laying face down during my first treatment thinking that the treatment was doing nothing, that I was being “had” such was the vast difference in feel from the hard chiropractic thrusts that I was used to. That was until I stood up, I knew I was somehow different and asked for follow up treatments. After my third treatment my sciatic pain cleared, I was utterly gobsmacked but there was another effect, completely unexpected and if I am honest had even more of an impact on me. I have been a martial artist from the age of 7 and I know my body very well, after the third treatment I realised that my ability to stretch in my usual patterns was altered, I was equal on both sides in every position and more so in ways that I knew had been altered. This was indescribably confusing for me and I almost accosted Chris with the question, “what have you done to me?” When I explained why I was asking Chris looked me square in the eye and said, “John, you were out of alignment, now you are in alignment”, for once I was speechless (and anyone that knows me knows that is a rare thing!). I knew from that moment forward that Amatsu was for me and as my relationship with Chris grew I learned of Dennis and his background in the martial arts, no need to say the influence that had.
Unfortunately due to my own stubbornness I continued to train heavily with weights (up to 230kg deadlifts and squats) and when I turned 40 I sequestered my L3/4 disc. Immediately after the sequestration I was paralysed from the waist down for 20 minutes, which was very frightening. After 20 minutes I started to feel some tingling in my toes and some of the muscles in my pelvis so decided against hospital.
Once I felt I could get into a car my wife took me to Chris and I remember after my initial treatment that again, I couldn’t walk, I was carried back to my car. My second treatment Chris was waiting, as was Dennis and his partner Gill, all three had a matching look of, “this doesn’t look good”! On this occasion Dennis looked at me also and unbeknown to me I was one of only a handful of people that he nearly sent away to hospital but I responded in such a way that he believed I could be helped. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to Dennis and of course Chris. My treatments continued for the next few months within which time I hit Chris with every question you can imagine, I was straining my brain trying to work out how this treatment was working and I must have drove Chris crazy. Chris had told Dennis about all of the questioning and not long before Christmas Chris said that Dennis wanted to know if I would like to become an Amatsu Practitioner, I didn’t even consider it, the word, “yes”, automatically came out of my mouth. I had no idea how I would get time off work or how I would pay for the course, I just knew that I had to do it, how could I know about this amazing therapy and not bring it to other people

I had no idea what to expect when I started out on my Amatsu practitioner journey with Dennis and the rest of our team, a team I now see as a second family. Dennis is like no other in the way the course is presented; it is the most relaxed and friendly environment that I have ever learned in. Dennis can be hilarious with his anecdotes and stories, he can be intriguing and at times it is like watching a body worker “Derren Brown”, truly mind blowing! He has literally had me on the edge of my seat at times and I have to add he never acts as if he is the “guru” that I feel he is, he is very humble, listens to every comment, opinion, argument, theory that he is presented with.
This course hasn’t been easy but it is very rewarding, enjoyable and most of all life changing for me. A massive thank you to Dennis and Gill and not to forget Chris and James who have worked hard to make this course what it is."

Anna Wirth ~ Montana USA 

"When I first received an Amatsu balance, I was struck with how gentle and powerful this work was on the body. While asking a thousand questions each treatment I was becoming well, where when I had started even walking for me was a laborious and difficult endeavor. I prayed that I would be able to learn this way of treating and being, and a few months later I began my Anma journey. The first step to Amatsu Orthopathy, Anma, taught me how little I knew about my own body and what it’s made of. It also taught me how my hands were unable to listen, a reflection of myself in general at the time. I also learned a great deal about how I needed to manage time when relying on others and being relied on. That first case study “appointment” in my dorm room was terrifying, and it took so much longer than I had imagined! After passing the exams and beginning Seitai my life had greatly changed, and Amatsu had unconsciously transformed my lifestyle rather than just being something I did. In Seitai I learned much of how to connect the dots around the body, broadening my understanding and allowing me to accept that nothing is either so simple or so complex that it can be assumed or out of reach. Diving headlong into Shinden brought a map of those connections, and understanding the terrain of the organs allows much to be done with little effort. I am so excited to top off that understanding with cranial in Kenku, in order to truly sever the loops of dissonance in the body. I would recommend this course to anyone with a big heart, for it requires some humility and openness, but the rewards are truly life-changing."

Maria Strange ~ Occupational Therapist 

"Amatsu training is fun, inspiring and challenging, encompassing multiple learning methods with face to face lessons, case studies, homework and module handbooks. Dennis's teaching style is eclectic, suiting students in our class with a wide range of backgrounds such as science, health, medicine, beauty, engineering, civil servants, and animal training.

My personal background is in arts and Occupational Therapy, working in stroke rehabilitation. A key Occupational Therapy underpinning is that health is more than the absence of disease. Studying Amatsu has given me practical ways to help improve a person's health and well being. Amatsu training helped me understand the complexity of the human body, yet how simply it can respond to precise physical treatment when considering how the body works as a whole. Amatsu training has been/continues to be a journey of knowledge, self discovery, personal paradigm challenge whilst being completely practical, creative and hands on.

I have left Occupational Therapy to practice Amatsu full time. The training has transformed how I perceive illness, disease and wellbeing. My life is more enriched and I can help people more effectively with Amatsu Therapy. The training is only the start of my journey of wonderment and discovery which I would not have wanted to miss for anything. It has challenged and changed many of my fundamental beliefs about the human body and day to day life. I would like to thank Dennis and Gill for their consistent inspiration, time, challenge and support as teachers/mentors.

I would recommend the training to anyone who relishes being challenged, inspired and likes to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills."
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