Training Courses

We take a holistic approach to teaching, to make learning this unique Therapy a fun, enjoyable and truly life-changing experience. 

To learn Amatsu Orthopathy from the Developer of this unique system, Dennis Bartram, and his team run this 4  Level course only every 4 years to 12 students, to deliver the most effective course, experience and personal practise management to their students, to help you not only build a new skill, but to help you to build you a business.  

Next course starts in March 2019. 
To find out more on how you can enrol please message the team to start your new future NOW.   


Dennis Bartram has been teaching Body Alignment techniques since 1986. He has a unique and relaxed style to teaching, demonstrating and instilling knowledge to make learning fun, easy and enjoyable . 
He delivers the course through stories, experiences and demonstrations to create a relaxed environment and to make learning this unique art a life-changing adventure.

Video Support

Before and during your new journey of learning Amatsu Orthopathy you will be provided with videos on anatomy and how to apply the techniques effectively, allowing you to continue your independent learning at your own pace at a time that suits you.


Once you become a member of the Amatsu Therapy Academy, you will become a part of our Amatsu family, where information, videos, ideas and experiences can be shared to make learning interactive, and enjoyable for everyone.  

Continual Personal Development CPD

Dennis Bartram provides continual personal development (CPD) opportunities throughout the year at both Masterclass levels (class size of 12) or in a smaller group 1 of 4 to help hone and develop your skills of Amatsu Orthopathy and practice management on a more personalised level. 

Natural Movement Courses (CPD)

OrthoBalance Courses on how to move efficiently and naturally behind the techniques of Amatsu Orthopathy to benefit your therapeutic corrections and keep you safe while carrying out treatments as well as to help maintain your own well being, alignment and natural movement. 
OrthoBalance is an external system that teaches the principles of Natural Movement to therapists to help your therapy and keep you safe while you work

Daghda Synergy is the only other approved school of Amatsu Orthopath practitioner training   
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