Amatsuís breakthrough in the West began when Three Westerners, Dennis Bartram, Christopher Roworth and William Doolan made history as Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi PhD broke with Japanese Tradition in 1995.


He granted them full teaching rights of the ancient school of Hi Chi Bu Ku Goshin Jutsu. Throughout its 2000 year old history its principles and secrets were handed down from Master to pupil. After decades of preparation studying the martial art aspects, the oriental medicine philosophy and osteopathic principles, under his guidance they were acknowledged as MASTERS OF THIS UNIQUE SYSTEM

Dr Hatsumi is a Grandmaster of nine other schools in Japan He is listed by their Government as a Natural living treasure.
Now these ancient time tested teachings are available through the development of its Masters both as a Therapy and a movement management system.
Our trained Therapists are registered with the British Register of Complimentary Practitioners, the Guild of Complimentary Therapists and the Amatsu Therapy Association.

Courses are run regularly at all levels and consist of weekend courses or block sessions. These courses include workbooks which are unique to the course and its content. Following the completion of the course, an examination may be taken and if successful will give a qualification in Amatsu. You will then be eligible to apply to be a member of the Amatsu Therapy Association which is our Governing body.

The Amatsu Therapy Association
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