Shinden Revisited

Five day course (Must have completed Shinden in full) limited to eight students, Cost £500.
All the techniques, principles and methodology of the Shinden three weeks course practised, explained and demonstrated. Understand the priority pulls on the fascia supporting the organs/structure relationship. Dates: Early Spring please contact office for more details.

Seitai Revisited

Five days, limited to eight students, Cost: £500.
Come and move through the Master moves to develop a superior knowledge of the Tri axial Shime, the tool your body adopts to affect your releases. The whole course is a symbiosis of movement/technique. Understand the concept of Kyo Kyu to traverse between substantial/insubstantial to give your techniques precision power while revisiting the principles and techniques of Seitai body correction. Dates: Early Spring please contact office for more details.

Kenku I

Five day course, Limited to four students(must have completed Movement Class).
The five day study of the three dimensional anatomy of the working cranium, the fulcrums, hand holds and release patterns.

The Dynamics of Natural Movement

Limited to eight players, four day course, Cost: £500.
The principles of bio dynamic synchronisation. How to move through your body’s tensegrity utilising tension coupling and Proprioceptive co-ordination.

Master Class

Five day course, four practitioners, must be Kenku trained price and particulars on application.
For the serious practitioner who wants to expand their knowledge into practice. Integration of all levels. Understanding the reciprocal relationship of the kinematic chain. Understand and follow lesion patterns and prioritise one point effectiveness of your techniques. This course will provide a pathway to evolve and develop in to the future. This course is subject to an interview before commencement.


Notes & Course Conditions



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