Water for your health

Our bodies are composed of approximately 25% solid matter and 75% water, with brain tissue being appoximated at 85% water. Every day we lose about 1.5 litres of water through the skin, kidneys, digestive system and lungs(1). Therefore it is imperative that this water is replaced(2).

According to Dr F Batmanghelidj "The simple truth is that dehydration can cause disease". His research has shown dehydration links to Hiatus hernia, Colitis pain, Low back pain, Headaches, Angina pains, Allergies, Stress, Constipation and High blood pressure. His research over thirty years shows that a dry mouth is actually a sign of chronic dehydration, not just thirst!

Tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, alcohol and similar types of drinks do not count as water, in fact they all act as diruetics, you require more water just to flush these out of your body.

Water intake

In good health 2 litres per day.
Under stress 3-4 litres per day.
Strenuous exercise Add 0.5 litres per 30 minutes of exercise.
Joint pains 3-4 litres per day to restore hydration.

For every cup of tea or glass of alcohol add equal amounts of water. For example if you are in good health and drink two litres of water per day and have a glass of beer, you need to drink an extra half litre to compensate.

Pure non-carbonated spring water is the best type of water to drink. Avoid tap water, which is deviod of minerals(3) and contains chemicals added during its processing. By adding a few drops of Colloidal silver to your spring water you can boost your immune system and purify the water at the same time, or stand the water on a magnet!

(1)Your bodies many cries for water - Dr F Batmanghelidj. ISBN 899398 35X, (2)The Optimum Nutrition Bible - Patrick Holford ISNB 0 7499 17482Hbk, (3)Bio Tech News 1995


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