Shindenjutsu - Visceral and Ligament Balancing

Shindenjutsu in actionShindenjutsu works with the ligaments to offer support to the joints whilst gentle positioning coaxes the body towards self correction.

In this approach the practitioner palpation is directed towards the ligaments and soft tissue. The ligaments are employed to spring tensions that become locked into body structures blocking the flow of energy causing pain and discomfort.

Old strains leave a footprint of the injury or illness that continues to malfunction for many years. These archaic patterns lay the foundation for many of the illnesses we encounter especially when our immune systems are lowered with stress.

This gentle movement orientated approach is the heart of Amatsu's heritage.

Shindenjutsu is routinely carried out during your treatment thereby balancing your ligaments and assisting organ motility, which in turn enhances your meridian balance and structural stability.

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