Seitai - Japanese Physiotherapy

Setai - Japanese PhysiotherapySetai literally means to correct the body and was very popular in Japan until the Meiji period. During the 1950's Setai re-emerged as a natural therapy through the influences of American Chiropractic/Osteopathy and many Setai colleges in Japan are now known as Setai Chiropractic College.

Setai utilises many different methods for body correction including the following(1)

  1. Positional re-alignment through postural patterning
  2. Reciprocal reflex patterning
  3. Soft tissue manipulation
  4. Ligament and muscle balancing
  5. Emotional clearing with body-mind integration.

Setai focuses on the Head (on neck), Hara (spine/pelvis) and the feet to bring about symmetry and paralateral movement(2). Therefore all treatments re-align and re-balance the person from head to toe whilst balancing the meridian circuits of the body and the intrinsic cranial sacral system. This results in a restoration of symmetry and a boost to homeostasis (immune system enhancement) with a reduction of stress and body strains.

(1) Prof. Hatsumi - Lecture notes Japan 1986-1998 (2) Prof. Hatsumi 1995 video interview.

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