Kenkujutsu - Japanese Cranial Therapy

Kenkujutsu TherapyKenkujutsu literally means the head (and spine) and is the Amatsu approach to balancing the cranial mechanism of the head, spine and pelvis.

Kenkujutsu or cranial balancing is an integral part of Amatsu medicine to restore balance and harmony. The head governs all spinal movements (where the head goes the body follows) and according to western research cranial imbalances affect our emotions, posture, dentition, movement and can cause colic, restlessness and discomfort in newborn babies.(1)

Cranian balancing is a gentle approach and is therefore suitable for young and old and has been found useful in a multitude of conditions.(2) These include pain, arthritis, immune system dysfunction, stress, anxiety, tension, dyslexia, sinusitis, colic, pain in pregnancy, concentration, eye strain, headaches and migranes(3) to name but a few.

Cranial balancing (Kenkujutsu) is routinely carried out in your treatment protocol and to maintain health and wellbeing.

(1)(2) Upledger Cranial sacral therapy, (3) Sutherland Science in Osteopathy.

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