The Ileocecal valve is located between our large and small intestine. Food that we eat enters the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream. The waste matter then passes through the ileocecal valve, which opens to let the waste pass onwards into the large intestine and then closes to prevent waste material seeping back into the small intestine.

The Ileocecal valveIf this valve malfunctions 'jamming' open (or sometimes closed) then toxic waste can build up in our body, which can lead to the spread of Candida into our body. Candida lives off our cells, effectively eating them up, which in turn releases more toxins into the body. Toxin build up causes our body to retain fluid in an attempt to neutralise the toxic situation. This toxic fluid is then stored in the joints of our body, effectively eating away the joint surfaces! This fluid is then cleansed by our liver, overloading it, which in turn hinders its normal functions.

The ileocecal valve can be affected by caffiene, coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, stress, saccharine, food preservatives, dehydration and refined foods or so called 'normal' foods.

Symptoms of ICV dysfunctions include;

  • lower back ache or pain across the lower back
  • heel pain that is often worse first thing in the morning
  • neck pain, especially the 'just woke up with it' condition
  • shoulder pain-simulating bursitis
  • afternoon tiredness especially between 1pm-3pm
  • left knee pain on the inside of the top of the knee
  • big toe pain especially on the right
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