Our body is wonderfully adaptive, as our evolution demonstrates. Adaptions in the body from the result of injuries however, place the joints of the body under strain. These adaptations develop symptoms in many areas of the body according to lifestyles, daily tasks and occupational stresses. The diagram here highlights several areas of involvement.


Muscles move bones and joints and maintain posture, assist the body in pumping fluids (blood and lymph), maintain temperature and permit movement of our body.

All muscles are reciprocally balanced, that is to say they are in a balanced tension with a partner. Similar to guide ropes acting on a tent pole to maintain its position(1). If one muscle becomes unbalanced the opposing muscle must adapt for those changes, which often results in joint strains. In fact 90% of joint problems occur due to imbalanced muscle pulls.

To evaluate your problem, muscle testing enables the practitioner to elicit both the weak muscles and the tight muscles in your body.

Sacro Iliac Adaptions

Changes in posture, physical strains and injuries anywhere on our body are adapted for the joints of the pelvis and sacrum, known as the Sacro-Iliac joint, which in turn cause the postural adaptations of the moving body.(2)

The sacro illiac jointWhen the body adaptation is outside the normal range of motion at the Sacro-iliac joint, they can become over strained resulting in a 'Tear separation' of the weight bearing portion of the joint.(3)

Once these joints have become over strained the whole body must adapt, resulting in pain and/or dysfunctions just about anywhere in the body!(4) These joints can become 'overloaded' due to many factors including posture, injuries, nutritional factors, dehydration, emotional stress and organ or meridian imbalances. In Amatsu medicine we consider it very important to maintain the integrity of these joints and prevent dysfunction prior to the strain adaptation.

Maintain your sacro-iliac joint integrity with regular balancing.

(1)Professor Hatsum (2)(4)SOT by DeJearnette (3)Kapandji volume 3


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