History of Amatsu Orthopathy

The journey towards Amatsu Orthopathy began in 1969 when Dennis Bartram became qualified in Massage. He then underwent further training in U.S.A and U.K on advanced techniques of body alignment including; Osteopathy and Chiropractic Research, Sacro Occiptial Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Reflexology, Visceral Manipulation and Cranial Balancing....

In 1987 Dennis first met his Japanese mentor Dr Masaaki Hatsumi (Phd), 34th Grandmaster of Ancient martial and medical systems.
After applying the body movement skills of the Budo Taijutsu (Japanese martial art) training to benefit his therapeutic work for a ten year period, Dennis asked Dr. Hatsumi for guidance if he was applying the techniques in the right way. After watching Dennis work in this way, Dr. Hatsumi decided to take him and two other Westerners on as a personal students, and for the first time broke a protocol of teaching the ‘medicine’ inside of his martial techniques. These medical techniques were from the school of Hichi Buko Goshin Jutsu (translated as ‘The school of the secret of the opening flower) and date back to a 2000 year heritage of practise in Japan.  
Dennis later became one of the first Westerners to be granted a Menkyo Kaiden teaching certificate (full teaching rights) of these ancient healing arts and Natural Movement principles in 1995. He went on to study these concepts with personal tuition from Dr Hatsumi for over 30 years, gaining in depth knowledge and understanding and certification on the ancient concepts of Traditional Japanese Medicine (TJM) and went onto underpin these ancient techniques with modern scientific research, and the science of Dr Stephen Levin’s (MD) work on Biotensegrity.  

Meet Our Team 

Dennis Bartram, founder and Principal Trainer, teaches this unique course with the help of his dedicated team; Gill Scott, senior practitioner, his son Chris Bartram; and James Skidmore, all of whom are highly skilled Amatsu Orthopath Practitioners and Teaching Assistants. 
Amatsu Orthopath
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Amatsu Orthopath
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