Amatsu Orthopathy is a blend of Eastern and Western treatment concepts designed to restore function, Alignment and Wellbeing to the body through gentle Natural principles 
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Amatsu Orthopathic Academy is currently the only training school in the UK where you can become a fully qualified Amatsu Orthopath, and train with the founder of this unique system, Dennis Bartram.
Amatsu Orthopathy incorporates the Japanese body alignment principles shown to Dennis by his mentor Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi (Phd) alongside the Western styles of body management and joint alignment that Dennis began training in since 1969.
This Natural Movement Orientated Therapy works with the bodies natural agencies to correct and align the whole body, injuries, postural faults, and the body's energy system and enhance movement performance.
Dennis aslo works alongside the only Irish approved school of Amatsu Orhtopathic training 'Daghda Synergy' to help produce and maintain quality of practitioners of this unique system.   

What our Students have to say....
John Williams ~ Seitai Practitioner 

"I had no idea what to expect when I started on my Amatsu journey with Dennis and the rest of our team......"

Richard Stinton ~ Radiographer 

"Two hip operations later and still in pain I was willing to try anything!....."

Maria Strange ~ Occupational Therapist

"Amatsu training is fun, inspiring and challenging....."

Anna Wirth ~ Montana, USA

"When I first received an Amatsu balance, I was struck with how gentle and powerful this work was on the body...."

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